The Terror Within (1989)

The Terror Within is a 1989 science fiction/horror film starring George Kennedy, Andrew Stevens, Starr Andreeff and Terri Treas. The film was directed by Thierry Notz. It was followed by a sequel in 1991, The Terror Within II, with Stevens reprising his starring role while also handling the film’s writing and directing duties. This is the #VHS classic everyone’s seen the killer poster of, but never go to see the movie, now you can, fer #FREE!

The film was given a limited release theatrically in the United States by Concorde Pictures in January 1989. It grossed $858,591 at the box office.[2]

Joe Bob Biggs called it “a pretty decent new flick… This movie should be required viewing for every member of the Supreme Court. We’re talking 17 dead bodies. No breasts. Snake-eating. Bloody fetus monster. Multiple throat-slashing. Giant gargoyle rape. One self-abortion. Exploding sheds. Exploding gargoyles. Gratuitous monster abortion scene, the best one since It’s Alive! Buzzard Fu. Crossbow Fu.”[3]

The Los Angeles Times said the film “comes out emphatically in support of a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy, if not in all instances, at least in cases of rape by a gooey 9-foot-tall mutant…the only way to enjoy this [film]… s to savor star George Kennedy’s badly synced post-production dialogue and think back to his role in the sci-fi cheapie movie-within-the-movie in Albert Brooks’ “Modern Romance,” which was full of hilarious bits about the perils of film dubbing. Nine years later, thanks to producer Roger Corman, Kennedy really is in that movie.” sourced from