Hart Fisher training with his Sensei…

Kids, don’t do this at home. That is the Most Dangerous Man In Comics, Hart D. Fisher, about to be put to sleep by The Toughest Man Alive, Gene LeBell (go check his site at www.genelebell.com and dig a true American Legend). We’re in the Hayastan Academy at it’s original location in Hollywood. A lot of great fighters have come out of Gokor and Gene’s gladiator academies (most recently the terror Manny Gamburyan, I mean, this kid is a beast, I’m telling you, a beast, and his cousin fellow UFC veteran Karo Parisyan. You can see a young Karo in the background of this clip). The guys doing this are world famous experts in chokes. Don’t do this at home, you might hurt yourself.

“And thanks’ for doing the honor of choking me out Uncle Gene!”

-Hart D. Fisher
The Real Fucking Thing