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"Back in the beginning of 2007 there came together three unholy forces of horror and dark music to create one of the coolest adult horror films no one's ever seen. The project was a walking abortion from the start with a pair of real morons at the helm of the film. The worst part of the story is that the original director of the film pulled a massive rip off before fleeing Los Angeles. He enlisted some people in the adult industry to help him create a free weekly paper, took in thousands of dollars in ad monies for the paper, then skipped town with the money and didnt publish the paper. Luckily the producer of the film, Matt The Lord Zane, allowed me to have all of the movie footage to pull from the wreckage of that mess to use in this music video for the guys in Dark Funeral.

I hit it off with the guys in Dark Funeral backstage at the Key Club in LA during the shooting of the video. They were cool fucking dudes who were deadly serious about their satanic music and they put on one helluva fucking show. I dig Dark Funeral's music and their guts, so when I got the go ahead to take over the film and the music video from Mr. Zane I dropped the hammer down and went for it big time. I did the movie cuz they paid me too. I did the video because I fucking wanted to. I did it for the band, for the fans and for the biggest outlaw in adult films, Rob Black.

Dark Funeral

I premiered the video on the site for Halloween of 07 and then put it up on my youtube channel ( where it promptly became my most popular clip and a video that helped me land multiple directing and editing jobs. Hell, the video was so popular it was instrumental in landing Dark Funeral a rare slot on youtubes push list for their new video My Funeral. I was happy that the guys had a major corporation pushing their video, unfortunately youtube decided my video was drawing heat away from their ad drive. After three years and almost 100,000 plays youtube decided to ban my video for Attera Totus Sanctus.

Thanks to the fine folks at youtube that video is now exclusively online here at

-Hart D. Fisher


"Evil Ways"

I've been directing music videos for indie bands around Los Angeles for the last couple of years, but in 2007 I up'd my game by doing first the Dark Funeral video for Club Satan, then following it up with this dirty little piece of work with Obituary. I directed this music video in Tampa Florida for one of the meanest godfathers of death metal, motherfuckin' Obituary. Me and my guys jetted into Tampa last minute like a mercenary crew doing behind the lines suicide missions. Understaffed, underfunded, but full of piss and battery acid, we made sure to kill and kill again.

We shot in a fantastic dive bar outside of a trailer park called Dan's Five Quarters Bar. We shot in Obituary's rehearsal space, and to top it all off we shot at a legendary goth club called The Castle.

The folks at the bar and at The Castle were super cool, worked hard to let us do our video our way, major thanks to them both and their staff. We had one camera foul, one camera man overindulge on set, and I shouted myself horse the last night of shooting. It was a blast.

All the guys in Obituary, John, Don, Frank, Trevor and Ralph all kicked ass, pitched in and worked on the video, no complaints, all guts and boozey fun, no rock star ego's. They were the best. We had an awesome time shooting this, hope you enjoy.

-Hart D. Fisher
Nuclear Blast Records

The Cock Diesel

I shot this music video in my garage in Los Angeles. This was a crazy one day shoot I did on a whim after running into the band at a Gent Magazine sex party at the 2007 Adult Video Expo in Vegas. I hung out with the band all night, I came up with the video, a month later we shot it. Note that during the shoot I was on fire, the lead singer had his hair catch fire, I broke a knuckle in my right hand... it was a nutty shoot, but we had a blast. These guys make great music and are fun people to hang out with. It's good to be the king!

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The Cock Diesel
Victim - Outtakes

When I was at the Adult Video Expo in January of '07, I was partying with Shane Bugbee while he was putting together Club Satan (The most controversial adult film in the last ten years, made for Rob Black and his crew at Extreme Associates produced by rock devil god Matt Zane). We were at the Gent Magazine sex party (yes, a genuine seventies style sex party) when I bumped into Eric (lead singer) and Precious Cox (the lovely half of the duo) in the bathroom. We got to taking, then took the party back to our suite at the The Luxor and I came up with the idea for this video.The weekend before I left for Japan to pick up my wife (she had been there 6 months battling it out with life threatening cancer, better health care in Japan, in America my wife would have been dead) I shot this quick, down and dirty music video for the band Cock Diesel, in my garage. I had one camera man, one make up girl, a buddy helped for a few hours and that was it for crew. It was a crazy little shoot, but we had a blast.

Precious Cox was terrified of spiders and when I told her how many black widows I killed out there before their arrival she was more than a little nervous... Hell, I hosed the place down, just for them.

Go check these guys out on myspace at:
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The Tattooed Millionaires Live at the

Here's a little clip from our first episode of American Horrors in which we aired The Tattooed Millionaires concert at the world famous Whiskey-A-Go-Go. Johnny's a real talent, his band rocks, I only wish I'd been at this show.

Bon Apetite!

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Tattooed Millionaires
"Star Spangled Hammer"

I directed this music video for the Tattooed Millionaires guys in the summer of 2005 and we had a blast. Hot Chicks, Great Tunes, the Tap Out fight team, a great pool and free beer, a perfect day. By the end of the day I was so sunburned I looked like a viking redskin...

- Hart D. Fisher

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Herd the Humans making of "Hollow" pt. 2

Welcome to part 2 of our making of the video segment for Herd the Humans "Hollow" music video. On Sunday October 4th Film Maker Hart D. Fisher took his crew to the San Fernando Valley to shoot the music video "Hollow" for Herd the Humans. We had a great group of folks who came together to make this music video happen, thanks to all the extras who stuck around to the chilly end. Special thanks goes out to Billie and her father Patrick for being such troopers. Billie was awesome as "creeping death." Everyone laughed, they cried, and drank a whole lotta beer...

The Shift "My Love Entwined in Hell"

This is s a great video I did with Corey Soria, a talented musician and upcoming film maven that I've been working with for the last year. He's done work for Glenn Danzig, Gorgeous Frankenstein, and so much more. The band is a great piece of work from the OC and I love their disc. Check out more of The Shift at :,
if you're an old school Misfits fan or a Danzig fan, you'll love this stuff. I was very a happy to be a part of this group effort video shot all over LA, with multiple cameras, a load of cool people joined in on this project.

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