When best selling true crime author, the late Corey Mitchell, sent the editor of his #1 True Crime site (In Cold Blog) Michelle McKee, out looking for a 1st Amendment champion that pulled no punches, he got all of that and more in relentless horror creator Hart D. Fisher. What has come forth from this union has been a heart wrenching tale of rape, murder and true love snuffed out like an old cigarette, a story of a marked man and his nearly decade long secret battle to keep a killer behind bars.

While Mr. Fisher’s work through his controversial publishing house, Boneyard Press, was being lynched in the mainstream media on shows like The Jerry Springer Show, Entertainment Tonight, and A Current Affair, his personal life was a warzone filled with death threats, violence, rape and robbery, but the worst was yet to come. Seven days into shooting his first feature film, The Garbage Man, Mr. Fisher suffered a loss that would break him utterly, the brutal rape and murder of his first love and live-in girlfriend, Michelle Davis, during a horrific motel robbery.

Mr. Fisher was a key witness in the 3 separate trials of Ms. Davis’s murderer, Eric Daniels, that spanned a decade. Each trial more brutal, more gut twisting than the last, with fistfights in the jury room, a murderer nearly set free, a prison guard stabbed in the face, all secrets Mr. Fisher kept from the public while he fought for his 1st amendment freedoms at every turn.

For the first time ever, the riveting author of Poems for the Deada> writes about this and much more. If Mr. Fisher had deep scars to hide from the public, they are all revealed here for the first time in a chapters that read like bulletins from a forgotten war zone. For the first time ever, these writings from In Cold Blog have been collected together into one volume, “An American Horror Story” as lived by Hart D. Fisher with an introduction by the Happy Face Serial Killer’s only surviving victim, Daun Richert-Slagle.

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“I love your book… It’s haunting. I can’t get it out of my mind.” –Tim Sullivan



American Horrors, FilmOn’s only 24/7 free uncut online horror channel, delivers nothing but the most raw, sick and terrifying shit that other channels won’t show you. Now American Horrors is ready to scare the living shit out of you with their brand new raw and unfiltered paranormal investigation reality series called “Mission Terror’. The series follows hosts Chad Glovier and Travis Dahlhauser as they travel the country investigating the paranormal activity in the creepiest locations. While other shows investigate locations that are popular tourist attractions, ‘Mission Terror’ dives right into unknown locations armed with only their finger on the record button. The show produces some truly unexplainable and frightening results, as Chad and Travis investigate the Egyptian Theater (DeKalb, IL), The Prairie View Rest Home (Missouri), and Illinois’ most notoriously haunted building, The Monteno Insane Asylum!

Bloody-Disgusting.com sat with with ‘Mission Terrors’ own Travis Dahlhauser to go deep into the world of the paranormal and go behind the scenes with this real life ghost hunter.

Bloody-Disgusting: At what age did you become interested in the paranormal and how did it develop into full blown ghost hunting?

Travis Dahlhauser: Chad and I grew up together and have been close friends since the 6th grade when we were like 11 years old. Throughout our friendship we always bonded over our love of horror movies all things scary. We were both probably introduced to horror movies at too young of an age, but we definitely have shared a love of them throughout the years. We catch new scary movies, enjoy the old ones, and scary topics have been a regular conversation centerpiece for us. Once we hit our early 20s, we started driving around the Northern Illinois country looking for spooky places to explore. I’m not saying I recommend it, but our ghost hunting origins started somewhat as late night urban (rural) exploration. Anytime we found a place we’d say stuff like, “what if it’s super haunted?!” So, that kind of led us towards adding the paranormal investigation aspect to our developing hobby. Then we started looking for places that were specifically known for being haunted and booking investigations. Over time we had a few crazy, unexplainable experiences, and we became hooked to that adrenalin rush. Some people dive with Great White sharks. Some people chase tornadoes. Some people ride roller coasters. We hunt for evidence of the paranormal. Since the beginning, it’s been me and my best friend – the best man at my wedding – having a good time together. We’re still a couple of kids at heart, but we’ve done our studying and we’ve had our experiences, so now we consider ourselves to be professionals at what we do.

BD: How much research goes into the back story of each location?

TD: We try to profile historic locations as much as possible, so when we book a place with historical significance, we do a lot of research on it. We also insist on someone from the location – the owner, manager, historian, etc. give us an in-depth tour on camera so we can share a lot of that information with the audience from a firsthand source. I find these to be some of our more interesting segments. It also gives us a chance to find out about any paranormal experiences in the location from a person who is there more than anyone else. We like to go in with a good foundation of knowledge on the location, but we keep an open mind, too. On the flip side, a handful of our episodes are at locations we find (possibly abandoned) with no back story at all, and we feel like that adds to it. For example, we recently investigated an abandoned farm and it was probably the scariest night of our lives. We feel like the lack of back story adds to that feeling of the unknown. That’s what we’re out to capture, evidence of the unknown. So to be in a place with some mystery to it adds to the thrill and the adrenalin rush, which is why we do what we do. So, it depends on the location.

To read More of Bloody-disgustings Big J's interview with the Mission Terror guys click HERE



LOS ANGELES, CA- Brand New paranormal investigation reality show, Mission Terror, makes its season premier on the American Horrors channel this Thursday, November 27th, at 8pmish Los Angeles time, 10pmish Midwestern time with repeat broadcasts of the show on Sunday nights throughout the holiday season!

“Ghost hunting is something we have always been interested in. It started out as equal parts urban exploration and paranormal investigation. We'd drive around the Illinois countryside looking for creepy places to explore and investigate.” Said Mr. Glovier. “It was nothing fancy at first - just a couple of normal guys with key chain flashlights, recording with our cell phones. After a few crazy experiences, we knew we had to take it to the next level. We invested in top of the line equipment and cameras and started investigating some of the scariest places the Midwest had to offer.”

Based out of Rockford, Illinois, Mission Terror is a new series hosted by local boys, Chad Glovier and Travis Dahlhauser, that investigates paranormal activity in truly creepy Midwest locations like The Egyptian Theater (DeKalb, Illinois), The Prairie View Rest Home (Missouri), national landmark Rockford’s Coronado Performing Arts Centre, and Illinois most notoriously haunted building, The Monteno Insane Asylum!

“As massive horror fans, we were ecstatic when we were approached to be a part of the American Horrors network - the world's only 24/7 streaming all-things-horror network - to be their official paranormal investigation show.” Added Mr. Dahlhauser. “The opportunity for our series to reach a worldwide audience of people who love horror as much as we do was something we could not pass up. We can't wait to share our experiences investigating some of the scariest places America has to offer - many of which are unknown by the masses.”

That's right, Thursday night will be Mission Terror's premier night, with new episodes airing through out the holiday season, with encore airings of the show playing Sunday nights! You want to see a killer new Paranormal Investigations done by regular guys & ghouls? You'll LOVE Mission Terror. Hosted by Travis Dahlhauser and Chad Glovier as part of the G.R.A.G.G (Greater Rockford Apparition & Ghost Group) team based in Rockford Illinois! Watch online (https://www.filmon.com/channel/american-horrors), on Roku, Gbox, PS3, Xbox, PS4, your pc, smart device & more!

About American Horrors: American Horrors is the world’s greatest 24/7 uncut horror channel that’s free to watch worldwide via Filmon.com featuring original television programming (American Horrors, True Crimes, Angela’s Trailer Park, Fright Asylum, Saturday Fright Special, The American Horrors Intermission, 8.13), the best in short form horror films, horrific uncensored music videos (Danzig, Warbeast, Doyle, Obituary) and feature length horror films from the VHS era & beginnings of the DVD era. Watch on your iPhone, iPad, Android or computer, or download the facebook free FilmOn Live TV Free & VOD app and start watchin'! Now you can watch American Horrors channel on Roku in the US! Use the channel code WM6BC to add Filmon’s private label channels & start watching!




Pogo The Clown Take a look at the painting on the right.

Put on your art-dealer cap and do a quick valuation of it. It’s not a very good painting; even with a B+ in Art History, I can tell you that the perspective is bad, the proportions are off, and frankly, it looks childish.

The artist painted several paintings of this clown subject and, the cheapest you will find it for is just shy of $3,000. It’s called “Pogo the Clown” and is based on a clown character that the artist himself created and portrayed at fundraising events, children’s parties, and to entertain patients at children’s hospitals. The artist of this work, the man behind the make-up/canvas, so to speak, was also responsible for murdering thirty-three (33) people between 1972 and 1978.

Yes, John Wayne Gacy was Pogo the Clown.

Much of Gacy’s artwork is available on the internet and, since his execution by lethal injection in 1994, the prices have continued to climb as the work of any other painter of notoriety might. Moreover, “available on the internet” does not mean that it’s available on a shady deep web site. You can Google Gacy+artwork or simply go to serialkillersink.net where “Pogo the Clown” sells for $2,750.00 but is currently sold out. Not to worry, you can find similar work done by equally well-known artists including Robert Bardo, the man who stalked and killed actress Rebecca Shaeffer in 1989, he specializes in pencil drawings of Hollywood actresses. David Bullock, who murdered six people with a .38 caliber handgun has several pencil drawings of ghouls and monsters for sale on the site. Alfred Gaynor, who raped and strangled nine women in Massachusetts, has for sale a handful of color pencil drawings depicting skulls and monsters.

If you’re not an art person, you can also purchase handwritten letters, a hand-written postcard by someone like Charles Manson, or even a bible once owned by Carroll Cole who was responsible for murdering at least sixteen women.

Like it or not, there is a market for this type of memorabilia. The culture surrounding not only the pursuit and sale of serial killer memorabilia but the art (music, paintings, books, and comic books) and, yes, tourism of it is the subject of John Borowski’s documentary, Serial Killer Culture.


Review authored by Matt Forster

SOURCE: ( http://www.tuffgnarl.com/movie-review-john-borowskis-serial-killer-culture/ )

Hart Fisher


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SOURCE: http://mkvxstream.blogspot.com/2014/05/filmon-best-private-roku-channel.html and https://www.roku.com

American Horrors Owner Appears in Nat Geo's Top Rated Hit: THE 90s!

Hart Fisher Appears on Nat Geo

Sorry Garbage Pail Kids card collectors and New Coke fans: National Geographic Channel's miniseries “The '90s: The Last Great Decade”, with a very special appearance by horror creator Hart D. Fisher, pulled in 1.10 million viewers on Sunday, July 6th, slightly topping 2013's '80s version (1.09 million). Besides the Blair Witch Creators, Mr. Fisher was the only horror creator included in the series and also the only comics creator included in the smash hit wrap up of all things important to The 90s: The Last Great Decade?!?

With a 0.8 rating in the network's key 25-54 demographic, “The '90s” is the second highest-rated July telecast ever on Nat Geo Channel. Narrated by Rob Lowe, the miniseries continued Monday July 7th (“Friends & Enemies”) and concluded on Tuesday July 8th (“Politically Incorrect”). Both air at 9 p.m.

“The '80s: The Decade That Made Us” debuted in April 2013.

SOURCE: ( http://www.thewrap.com/nat-geos-90s-last-great-decade-tv-ratings-80s-miniseries/ )



LOS ANGELES, CA- American Horrors, the world's greatest 24 hour uncut horror channel, is FREE to watch via crazy billionaire Alki David's worldwide virtual cable network, FilmOn.

“I'm had such a great time running American Horrors for the last year that I just had to let more people into the party.” Said Hart D. Fisher, owner & operator of American Horrors. “We've got the greatest selection of rare, hard to fine horror. Thanks for the fine folks at Filmon.com I get to share that darkly bleeding bag of goodies with the rest of the world for FREE!

You can tune in any time of the day & watch American Horrors online at www.filmon.com. American Horrors is a cutting edge 24/7 uncensored horror channel that plays the finest original in bleeding edge short films, bloody cult feature films, in-house generated content (True Crimes, Rubber Rules, Ashmore Estates: Fear in the Flatlands) along with major label music videos (from artists such as Danzig, Slayer, Obituary, Warbeast) and the original American Horrors tv show gearing up to enter into it's 2nd season the fall of 2013!

You can find American Horrors streaming side by side with industry brand names such as MSNBC Rachel Maddow, Fuel TV, NBC Nightly News, TMZ Live, UFC Next, Aljazeera and more as part of FilmOn's basic line up of channels that are available for FREE anywhere in the world. FilmOn allows viewers to stream live TV on their Mac or PC computers, iPads/tablets, smart phones & mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc., etc.) and has launched the world's first AP breaking 24 hour news channel.

For more information or questions please contact the American Horrors offices at (323) 474-6963 or email at pr@americanhorrors.com or submissions@americanhorrors.com